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Beckon Call
"I absolutely love what I do! I started this business as a window cleaning business and over the years have added other services to meet my customers needs. It is awesome to see a smile on my customers face and hear how happy they are with our work. Being of service to others is very is good!" - Jim Ordway, Owner
Jim has been in the cleaning industry since 2004. He brings a lot of knowledge and is more than willing to help out in any way he can.
"When it comes to facility care and vision. Jim Ordway is beyond compare. I have worked with many supervisors and professionals I rate Jim in the top 10% of entrepreneurial managers. He has initiative, insight and solid leadership. I have no hesitation in recommending him to businesses as a conscientious professional." -Randy Harvey
Beckon Call offers the following services: Window Cleaning, Roof Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, House Washing, Pressure Washing and other high flying tasks!

Estimates are always free, so contact us today to schedule your free estimate! We also have an awesome online estimating tool, it can be found on our website at

Beckon Call Service Offerings
Window Cleaning: Beckon Call offers full service window cleaning. We clean glass! What does that mean? It means we clean inside and outside windows, mirrors, interior glass (relight windows, doors) and other similar types of glass...just let us know what you want and we will make it happen. Beckon Call is window cleaning Corvallis! (and surrounding areas)
Roof Washing: Beckon Call offers roof cleaning. This roof cleaning service includes getting everything that is loose (needles, leaves, sticks, drones, balls, whatever) off of the roof and out of the gutters, spraying the roof with a roof wash that gets rid of moss, algae and lichens. Beckon Call is roof cleaning Corvallis! (and surrounding areas)
Gutter Cleaning: Beckon Call offers gutter cleaning. This gutter cleaning service includes getting everything that is loose off of the roof, out of the gutters and ensuring the downspouts are running clear. We do not encourage putting on gutter covers, but we do encourage having downspout screens installed. Why? Just ask us and we can tell some stories we about gutters we have encountered. Beckon Call is gutter cleaning Corvallis! (and surrounding areas)
House Washing: Beckon Call offers house washing. This is a gentle and super effective way to get your home looking great again! The process uses very low pressure so no paint chips are flying off your home and it will not need to be painted just to cover up bare spots. Algae, moss are killed and as a result it takes a little longer for your home to get that way again versus just cleaning with high-pressure water. Beckon Call is house washing Corvallis! (and surround areas)
Pressure Washing: Beckon Call offers pressure washing. Beckon Call's pressure washing service includes a pre-spray that kills the growth on the surfaces and then pressure washes the surface clean. This process ensures a clean surface that will last longer than just pressure washing alone. Beckon Call is pressure washing Corvallis! (and surrounding areas)
"Jim is an intelligent, highly motivated and creative individual. As the Custodial Services Contract Manager, Jim displayed a superior understanding of the latest and most innovative aspects of the custodial services profession. He provided leadership in several key areas moving his organization forward along the path to a highly skilled, efficient and effective organization. His active participation in our Partnering program ensured that the services provided would be better than the minimum required by contract. Jim worked diligently to move his company away from a cleaning for appearance to a "Cleaning for Health & Safety" standard. In addition he takes advantage of opportunities to improve his technical and professional knowledge, skills and abilities which directly improves the quality of services his customer receives. Jim will stand up for what is right and for his beliefs particularly when customer service is at stake" -Gus Villaret
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Areas Served
Corvallis, OR Albany, OR
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Cash, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Personal Checks
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  • Serving residential clients only
  • Established in 2009 (13 years in the business)
  • Number of employees: 2
Contact Information
Phone Number (541) 740-0056
City Corvallis, OR
Zip Code 97339
Address 311 Southwest 2nd Street, #2181
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Products and Services
Beckon Call offers full service window cleaning. We clean glass! What does that mean? It means we clean inside and outside windows, mirrors, interior glass (relight windows, doors) and other similar types of glass...just let us know what you want and we will make it happen. Beckon Call is window cleaning Corvallis! (and surrounding areas)
Roofs in the Pacific Northwest really can grow some moss, algae and lichens. Unlike humans, roofs have a honeymoon period of 8-12 years before the problems start and when they do it can become ugly! Roof cleaning is an important piece to the added longevity of your roof. Beckon Call with every roof cleaning blows off the roof and provide a gutter cleaning service. Than we spray the roof with a roof wash that kills all the moss, algae and lichens. Over time, the organic material (dead moss, algae, etc) slough off the roof. It is a super gentle process on roof and has excellent results! Depending on the surrounding environment, treatments last from 2-4 years. Beckon Call's roof cleaning process is gentle on your roof and effective against moss, algae and lichens. Beckon Call is roof cleaning Corvallis (and surrounding areas).
Gutters can be a dangerous job to tackle. Beckon Call has been cleaning gutters for years and has a lot of experience reaching those hard to get gutters. We use various methods for removing the debris and have found blowing off the roof and blowing out the gutters really produces a clean gutter. Of course this makes a mess down below on the ground, but we clean that up as well. It is easier to mess with it on the ground than deal with it in buckets on ladders or on the roof. Some homes need to have the gutters cleaned a couple times a year, and other homes maybe need cleaning once every five years. When we clean your gutters we will talk and develop a good maintenance schedule for your gutter cleaning.
Homes in this area can start to look pretty rough over time because algae grows through the winter and dry particulate sticks during the dry months. Beckon Call utilizes a soft washing method house washing the exterior of homes. What does this mean? Soft washing is a gentle process of spraying a house washing cleaner onto the home, letting it dwell a few minutes and then gently rinsing it high pressure. This means no paint chips flying off or ghosting marks on your home. House washing includes cleaning from the gutter faces down to the foundation. Beckon Call is house washing Corvallis!
Beckon Call can your concrete and hardscapes looking amazing again! We utilize both a soft washing and pressure washing approach. Soft Washing is utilizing cleaners to help aid in the process and also kills the moss/algae and by doing that surfaces stay cleaner longer. After the pre-spray the surface is cleaned with a pressure washing process. The process starts with pre-spraying the surface with a cleaner and letting it dwell, clean the area with pressure washing wand and/or pressure washing surface cleaner and then rinsing the area. The results area amazing! No need to cringe every time you drive into your doesn't have to be so ugly! Beckon Call is pressure washing Corvallis.
Key People
Jim Ordway
Jim Ordway
Owner, (541) 740-0056
Beckon Call is owned by Jim Ordway. Jim has been in the cleaning industry for over 16 years in various roles, from owning a Commercial Janitorial Company to managing operations of large multi-site organizations, delivering the best has always been a top priority. He is passionate about cleaning, delivering the best results through embracing new technologies, processes and procedures while reducing the impact on the environment.
Reviews and Testimonials
Rated Excellent (4.8 of 5) from 20 reviews
  Testimonial by Kathy Ruyts
How nice it was to have these guys come and clean my roof, gutters and windows! I will definitely recommend and schedule again!
They were friendly and efficient, completing the job in a little over an hour.
  Testimonial by Ann Berman
High quality friendly service with windows that sparkle clean. I highly recommend Jim and his crew for a careful, complete job of window cleaning inside and outside for the whole house. They even did my mirrors as an amazing bonus!! Try him out! He's amazing, personable, and really knows what he is doing. Great family business!
  Testimonial by Savannah Deb Lighty
Great work done by Jim and his son. Very professional and easy to schedule. He was knowledgeable about cleaning our vinyl siding. We will definitely use him again and would recommend him.
  Testimonial by Candy Hawkins
Great service and great guys! Definetly recommend and will use in the future.
  Testimonial by Kerry Hertel Boysen
Jim does an amazing job cleaning windows. And he is so content doing what he does. You sense it, it's contagious, and inspirational. Beyond great service he is a great person!
  Testimonial by Sharna Prasad
It was a lovely experience. Easy to schedule, quick estimate, very personable, Jim and his son were very professional and efficient. They cleaned our gutters and windows. I am now on their yearly calls. Strongly recommend this local service.
  Testimonial by Kimberley Widmark Hale
Yesterday we had our windows cleaned inside and out and we are amazed at what a fantastic job Beckon Call did! They were professional, efficient, friendly and fast. I don't know why I have never had my windows professionally cleaned before but it's really worth it! We will be using them again. Thanks guys!
  Testimonial by Megan Fernandez
Jim and his son went above and beyond the to ensure a professional and thorough project.
  Testimonial by Joanna Woods
Beckon Call did a wonderful job!! He has washed our windows, did a great job on our roof/gutters, and washed our house. Five stars!
  Testimonial by Lindy Foster
Jim and Christian arrived on time, and made quick work of cleaning our windows. They're so clean now it looks like the glass is gone! We have a wall of windows, two stories tall, and I was never going to be able to get this done myself. Such great work!
  Testimonial by Tory Hagen
The crew were very professional, personable, and courteous on top of doing a first-rate job of thoroughly cleaning my home's windows. I highly recommend and will be using their services again!
  Testimonial by John Bertani
I had them power wash the house, clean the windows, and clean the moss off the roof. They did a very nice job. I would definitely use them again.
  Testimonial by Dennis Williamson
It is now a few days after our windows were cleaned and we were looking through them and saw how the view was much better than before, thanks to Jim, Christian, and Ty. We are very happy and satisfied with their productive and conscientious work. We are looking forward to having this company in the future.
  Testimonial by Marvin Jackson
It was a pleasure to have Jim clean our windows. I liked his ability to clean the exterior windows without using a ladder. The de-ionized, filtered water that he uses to clean dries without spots. What a time saver. Will definitely have him return for more window and
roof cleaning.
Thanks again, Jim
  Testimonial by Robin Ozretich
I hired Beckon Call for roof cleaning and gutter cleaning. They were courteous and professional, but not overpriced. The lead guy, Jim, came out and gave me a quote, and we scheduled the work. On the day of the work, Jim and his crew came out and got to work. They did what they said they would do, and everything went smoothly. I would hire Beckon Call again, and recommend them to my neighbors in the Corvallis area.
  Ripped off and disappointed
by Susie from Corvallis
May 09, 2021
Will never hire Beconcall window cleaning by owner Jim Ordway again. The interior windows were left streaked. He did not return any of my calls requesting he come back to touch up the interior windows. He charged $100.00 an hour $700.00 for the complete job. The charge would have been ok if he would have returned my calls and came back to clean up an inferior job. He is unprofessional and has extremely poor customer service. His body odor was so bad I had to keep a door open so again unprofessional.
I don't recommend this business
Poor customer service and nonprofessional
by Ed Crist
Mar 23, 2021
If you need your drive way cleaned, give Jim a call. He and his crew will do an outstanding job. They are professional, get the job done on time, and the price is very reasonable. Highly recommended.
I recommend this business
  Wonderful job!
by Peggy Fuller
Nov 04, 2020
Beckon Call always do such a wonderful job. I am very pleased with the work. Would recommend them to anyone who asks.
I recommend this business
  Five stars!
by Patricia Wohlwend
Sep 22, 2020
Wonderful job, kind service, great people! Our windows never looked better and our house was treated with care.
I recommend this business
  Great experience
by Farzana Molvi
Feb 20, 2020
It was a great experience, very efficient team with excellent job. Very easy to schedule office staff was very helpful. owner Jim is very kind and did a great job to clean my house rooftop and did window washing in past. I will strongly recommends Beckon call services.
I recommend this business
  • Cleaning Screens - Clean Windows NEED Clean Screens.
    Cleaning Screens - Clean Windows NEED Clean Screens.
    Screen cleaning is a very important part of window cleaning. Clean windows need clean screens, it's that simple. At Beckon Call we have a 5-step process to ensure that screens are clean as they can be, this helps to keep your windows clean for a longer period of time. We're confident that you can't get...
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