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The top of the line truck mounted carpet cleaning system that I use provides more heat and vacuum. This allows me to get your carpet cleaner than other companies and dry in a hurry. Many companies use low powered portable cleaning equipment that runs off of household current. My machine is powered by a 3 cylinder, 31 horsepower engine. There is no comparison.

The cleaners that I use have no soaps, detergents or solvents. This means that I leave no soil attracting residue behind and that your carpet will stay clean longer. The cleaner is also safer for you, your family and your pets.

The price that I charge includes everything that is needed for a carpet cleaning. My price includes vacuuming, spot cleaning, pre-treatment, extraction, basic furniture moving and even speed drying. These are things other companies charge big bucks for. Many companies like to advertise a lower price but then charge for every additional thing that is needed in a cleaning. By the time that they are done, here price usually far exceed what I charge for my service.
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You do not have to use harsh and often toxic chemicals to clean your carpet. There is a natural way to do it and it even cleans better. With my steam cleaning process your carpet is dry in one to two hours and those stains stay gone with no soil attracting residue left behind. So clean your carpet the natural way for you, your family and for your carpet.
I use the latest in cleaning technology to restore your upholstered furniture to a like new condition. My cleaning method leaves your upholstery cleaner and drier than other methods because of the patented jetless technology of my cleaning tools. It is the latest in upholstery cleaning and can handle some of the most delicate fabrics.
Now you can have your homes ceramic tile and grout cleaned and restored to like new condition. Remember how clean those grout lines were when the tile was new? Have that new look again with our all natural and powerful cleaning method. I use natural cleaners and a high pressure tile and grout cleaning tool to get your floors cleaner than you thought possible.
You do not have to live with those pet stains and odors any longer. Give me a call and let me restore your homes carpet or upholstery and put your dog or cat back into your good graces.
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James Carlson
James Carlson
My name is James Carlson and I am the owner and operator of Carlson Carpet Cleaning. I would like to thank you for visiting my website and giving me the opportunity to earn your business. First, let me give you a little background on me. I was born and raised in Dallas, TX and am happily married to my wife Kristi.
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