Musser's Family Cleaning Service Livonia, MI

   Excellent from 3 reviews
In a nut-shell, the company we went to work for was unethical and poorly managed. After this short, eye-opening stint, in 1988, my day job employer agreed to allow me to do the cleaning of their office at night after I pointed out that the same stain had been in the toilet for literally two weeks and counting. In 1989, we formed our company, diligently serving the metro Detroit area community to this day as The Musser's Family Cleaning Service, Inc., a name chosen to reflect our pride of workmanship, strong work ethic, and solid family values.

In turn, another gauge of our success is measured by the job satisfaction of our co-workers. Along this line, we have recently hit several milestones, including two separate 12-year and one 9-year employment anniversaries. With high employee retention like this, we believe we are succeeding in our mission of creating and constantly supporting a positive, goal/reward oriented work environment!

These long-term, successful relationships ultimately benefit our customers who consistently receive reliable, high-quality cleaning. High employee retention - essential to make possible an ever increasing knowledge and expertise in satisfying the individual cleaning requirements of each client - builds high customer retention. Accordingly, we have the honor of serving several current customers who have been ordering regular weekly or twice-per-week service intervals for 12, and in another case, 14 consecutive years!
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Phone Number (734) 762-0075
City Livonia, MI
Zip Code 48154
Address 14244 Melvin St
   Excellent from 3 reviews
  Testimonial by Bob Carrigan
They do a good job, we never have any trouble with items missing like you hear can happen. The only minor issue I have is that they mix business and religion. If I were running the business, I would drop the evangelizing, because it can turn off some people. On the positive side, you know they are honest because of their strong religious views.
  Testimonial by Fr. Jim Hamilton
Musser's have cleaned our church for several years and never fail to do an excellent job. We can count on their promptness each week when expected. They are courteous and quick to respond to any special needs. 'Family Cleaning' isn't only their name; it is their mission. They treat their clients like family.
  Testimonial by Donna Lyons
Facility Manager
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Company has used Musser's Family Cleaning Service for many years. We have been extremely happy with their services. John & Diane Musser are great people and have always gone above and beyond to make us happy. I would highly recommend them for any cleaning service you may require.
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