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You deserve a home you can relax in! Let us take care of all the dirty work so you can come home to a clean place. Dust will be a thing of the past as we dust everything and get rid of it all! We vacuum and hand-wash all floors and baseboards. We also clean your windows so they are streak free upon request. We have a full window service that we operate during the summer months if you like. Come relax with your family in your home cleaned by the professionals of Maid Naturally!

We personally interview all of our potential members. In addition, a personality test is also part of the process with Maid Naturally. We understand that it's just not the work that matters. Its the personalities of the staff, their attitude towards you and their co-workers. Keeping our staff as long as possible has always been our goal. It serves you better and creates a great working environment for everyone.
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Contact Information
Phone Number (509) 994-3685
City Spokane, WA
Zip Code 99202
Address 1324 E. Sprague Ave.
Products and Services
We want your bedroom to be welcoming after a long day of work. We use dusting spray, which has a warm cinnamon scent to it, to dust everything from your bed to the side tables. We wash the insides of your windows with glass cleaner.
We understand how the bathroom never seems to stay clean! There's hard soap scum in the tub and calcium build up in the sink. Our abrasive cleaner does the job! The toilets will sparkle like never before. The tile and the tub will shine.
The gathering place. It's where life happens! We want this room to show how much you care for those you are closest to. We start from the top and work our way down to catch everything from the cobwebs on the ceiling to the smallest piece of food on the floor. We wash the cabinet fronts with our All Purpose Cleaner and wash the insides and reorganize them upon your request.
Key People
Ruthanne Eberly And Heather Brown
Ruthanne Eberly And Heather Brown
Ruthanne Eberly and Heather Brown became friends in 1989 and worked together at a little resort on Chinook Pass, where they learned to work in all areas of a business. In 1996 they moved to the Spokane area to go to Bible School, and in 1998 they both married their husbands, Drew and Nathan. Since then, they both have had kids and realized how important eating natural foods and cleaning with natural products are to building a healthy family. Maid Naturally was started in 2006 with a goal to create extra income, and now has become an opportunity to build a dream.
After Anna got her AA in Early Childhood Education and spending time teaching K-4in Montana she traveled to Sydney Australia as a "au pair" After studying in Israel, she knew she would love to spend time as a Policy Maker or Congressional Staffer helping make a difference in the political process and the development of policy's.
Colleen love being at home with her three little kids and favorite dog. In the past she has worked as a medical sectary and tanning salon. She also is a photographer on the weekends and special occasions.
Erica would love to become a criminal investigator a little later in life. She studied in the Paralegal field in the past and had a great time working with kids in the daycare and other maid service.
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